On Premise First (OPF) Storage Model

Leverage Legacy Deployed Hardware – Cloud Collect Bridge – Allows Integrators and End-Users to gradually migrate to Cloud Storage while at the same time leveraging legacy hardware (without rip & replacing or installing proprietary on-premise devices) with Tiger Technology. We use Tiger Surveillance Bridge which is essentially a Windows File Drive that gets uploaded into many Windows Based VMS/NVR platforms which once configured sends select content directly to Seagate Lyve. Cloud Collect Bridge is configured locally on the NVR based on the requirements or needs of the End-User and how they want to migrate to Cloud storage.

We Support Virtually All Windows Based VMS Platforms
Including, but not limited to the following:


Server Requirements

Please refer to the requirements of your VMS provider. The overhead for Cloud Collect is minimal when running on a properly sized and configured system.

System Requirements

Compatible with VMS software that continuously creates and closes individual files for storing camera data. Our recommended storage configuration is one to three days on-premise local storage/buffering to offset any internet outages, lost connections etc.

Integrated On Premise First (OPF) Storage & Disaster Recovery for your VMS

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