On Premise First (OPF) Storage Model

Leverage the “Intelligence” on the Edge – Cloud Collect Edge – Today’s IP Cameras are essentially minicomputers with all types of local analytics etc. embedded into the device along with local storage via SD Card Slot(s). For this application we offer an App that is quickly and easily installed in the Camera and or a local Gateway that is then managed via our browser-based Camera Management System (Virtual VMS). The Camera is configured to send content based on those local analytics to the Cloud/Seagate Lyve. Cloud Collect Edge can also be embedded on a small form factor Gateway or even a 5G Cellular Gateway and transmit Video from anywhere with merely minimal AC or Solar Power. Our pricing model for Cloud Collect Edge is based on a fixed per Camera per month which once again greatly simplifies the process and ability for an Integrator to sell and quote Cloud Storage.

Supported Cameras include:

Integrated On Premise First (OPF) Storage & Disaster Recovery for your VMS

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